Sometimes it’s hard to know exactly what to say.

In this time when we can’t connect physically, it is important to remember that strength and unity can come in many forms to bring about a larger togetherness across space and time, bridging isolation. We cannot think of a more pro-active action right now than to continue to support our artists. We cannot think of a more socially-engaged action right now than to consider those of who desperately need the spread of this pandemic slowed.

The movement we have been making seems to transmit messages about the fact that we all are, in our basic nature, incredible beings. Support this hope as s positive intention, hold the faith that it can happen, and network with as many people around it as possible. This is the important part–none of us have all the skills. There is this coming together in huge force all over the world of those who are basing their lives on hope, on compassion, and on sisterhood, brotherhood, otherhood, as an earthling family. Not on fear. Keep going in that direction.

We hope to continue to be a platform that grounds the power people have when they all come together to create change. While we are closed to live programs, our work continues. Beginning tomorrow, you can join glo online for special conversations, people SHOPS, gloPLAY for youth, Poem-Songs, and digital mapping. Follow us on instagram, twitter, and/or facebook. Write us here:


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  • Florence Biennale
    Choreographies at the XII Florence Biennale'.
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    Inaugural choreographer as Artist in Residence at the High Museum of Art.
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    rather than some things appearing to rise up soft to your chest and a whole lotta' mercy
    Movement and Social Activism. Jan 22, 2019-January 22, 2020 Hartsfield-Jackson Int'l Airport.
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    Tanz Farm
    Ghosts of the Rubble, a new performance piece that reflects on Atlanta's history, rapid change, and ambitions. January 25-April 18
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  • 2020
    A woman-made grassy hillside in in-between space for continuous choreography, community engagement and autonomous dreaming.
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    The Traveling Show
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