dot_20pxpeople Movement SHOPS

Fall session at Hudgens Center for Arts begins August 18-October 6
Saturdays, 11am-12:30pm

People Movement SHOPS are for those who love to move and those who wish to love to move. No athletic training or performance experience necessary.

Free and public.

Write us with your questions here:

dot_20pxSummer LAB 2018

July 2-21

1,2-3 week sessions

Subject matters:
bending | tools | personal practice | people movers | systems | deep listening | choreographic strategies | creating communities | mixing | conceptual index | ephemeral language | farming | drawing constructions | forever time | nomadism

A yearly Summer LAB for artists and people in Atlanta with the prolific social performance of glo, inviting them into the intimate creative culture of the platform.  Everyone will work alongside our Founding Artists, Moving Artists, and community collaborators,  to engage in laboratory work that deepens your individual approach to body’s empathy, weirdness, and spiritual language.

Artists engaged weekly will take part in These Foresights, a new migrating structure.

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