dot_20pxpeople Movement SHOPS

January 16- May 28, 2017
Tuesdays & Saturdays

People Movement SHOPS are for those who love to move and those who wish to love to move. SHOPS take place in glo’s generative home at The Goat Farm Arts Center.

$7 suggested donation per SHOP

dot_20pxSummer LAB 2017

June 26- July 22, 2017

Daily, 1, 2-4 week sessions offer:
tools | exercises | philosophies | systems | individual training | experimentation | conceptual space | interdisciplinary dialogue

A living LAB linking the unique social art performances of glo with artists and people eager to explore the body as a rigorous, intellectual and philosophical space for opening interior pathways towards self-discovery and new creative impulses for contributing to a community and caring about the world.

4-week participants will participate in the hybrid performance exhibition, “Tree,” at the Museum of Contemporary Art of Georgia.

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