glo is a platform for a dynamic convergence of artists and community working together to thrive in new ways of inventing contemporary performance through  multiple wheels of collaboration, models of solutions for participating, and human empowerment.  We are possessed with forging the smallest progress to the largest issues, and in our practice, we urge you to envisage your place in the world while exploring ideas that shape  society and ignite people's imagination.  We envision our work as part of a revolution that navigates shifting paradigms, risk-taking and private experiences.  glo's work begins the moment you encounter it, and is part choreographed bodies, interactive art installation, and a catalog of relational, migration and choreographed systems of fleshed out textures and inner sensations that summon you to think about how you being here makes a community.  we do this by collaborating deeply in public space and offering these grounds for congregation, epiphany and exchange.  our intention is to focus on sites of scarcity rather than abundance.  participation is the communicative glue and another way into storytelling and an expanding narrative striving to listen and traverse urbanism, while shifting focus to micro-utopias that already exist.  as artists, we pull and stretch and grapple headlong  and parallel with democracy so differences become possible.  we thrive in sociability, hoping to generate more paradoxical criteria, while feeding into what we feel is a collective sense of importunity by citizens and artists, to birth new hope and cultural resonance.