Project Description

4th BODY

hybrid performance exhibition

A hybrid form that experiments with new ways of performance inhabiting art spaces. The exhibition is composed of assemblies of ephemera, sound, video, paper and human interaction deployed through performative forms such as migrating choirs, anthems, and moving sculptures, striving to rethink performance in museums as a creative experience for surprise response and shifting forms. 
In dialogue with Museum of Contemporary Art of Georgia’s main galleries, Lauri Stallings, sculptors Paper-Cut-Project, and the glo team fill the museum and spiraling staircases with Phase II of gestures that soon will disappear, originally a public work (July 2014) that embodies the poles of Stallings’ practice: participation and public choreographies. The work begins the moment people encounter it, and is presented continuously during the operating hours of the museum, persisting over time, to produce meaning and value through action, rather than objects.

gestures that soon will disappear is underwritten in part by major support from Atlanta Mayor’s Office of Cultural Affairs. 4th BODY is presented by MOCA GA, with support through an Artists’ Residency. 4th BODY is made possible through an Artists’ Residency at The Goat Farm Arts Center.



Lauri Stallings: conceptual artist and choreographer | Paper-Cut-Project: sculptor | Virgina Coleman, Mary Jane Pennington, Kristina Brown, Jennifer Clark: moving artists | Maggie Smith: mark-maker | Thom Baker and Joe Dreher: photography | Maggie Dinkins: fashion | Tanner Smith: sound designer | Anicka Austin, Ariel Hart, Jacqueline Hathaway, Mandy Mpezo, Kristin Woods, Nadya Zeitlin: gloLAB artists | Richard Carvlin: production specialist


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OPENING October 24 – December 20, 2014
11 am – 5 pm daily
Tuesday through Saturday

Museum of Contemporary Art Georgia

free and public

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