Project Description

And all directions I come to you

nomadic intervention

A roaming installation made for 90 acres of Central Park’s North Woods. Through a series of choreographic mappings and systemic experimentation, Lauri is working with ideas about how we associate with one another and have intensely private moments in public spaces. Lauri sets out from a central site that recognizes what is primitive and mysterious in ourselves, and the critical role of vulnerability. Happening daily over six hours, And all directions I come to you is envisioned as a constant flow of intuition and play. The installation’s principal is movement, and with this work, Lauri aims for experience to be an anchor for thinking, by letting time happen to offer emancipatory moments and a gathering among strangers who are or are not community. Non-hierarchal, haptic and tactile, Lauri crafts the work to grow amidst things and with things.

In tandem with the six-week exhibition, Lauri and glo engaged in Making Days, Movement Choirs, and Farming across Harlem, Queens, and Brooklyn, with Brooklyn Queens Land Trust and Global Kidz.

A Creative Time commission. A Creative Time Central Park Conservancy collaboration.
This project is made possible with support from the glo Chambre: Betty Jo Currie, Camille Love, Sally Hansell, Nancy Hooff, Maggie Davis, Louis Corrigan, Susan Bridges, Alan Avery, Nancy Nethery, Cathleen Smith, Marcia Wood, Maria Artemis, Anthony Harper, Lain Shakespeare, and Anne Dennington.

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Lauri Stallings: concept & choreography | Anicka Austin, Kristina Brown, Jennifer Cara Clark, Virginia Coleman, Ashley Daye, Christina Kelly, Katherine Maxwell, Cailan Orn, Mary Jane Pennington: moving artists | Jason Bunin: fashion | Paul Boshears and Maggie Davis: creative consultants | Kristina Brown: project lead | Richard Carvlin: Atlanta project manager



Opening May 15 – June 20, 2015
Fridays and Saturdays 12–6 pm
Central Park’s North Woods
New York City
110th St. and 5th Avenue

free and public

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