Project Description

because you believe in something

a requiem from one vacant building to another

A debate constructed as requiems, moving from one of Atlanta’s historic vacant buildings to another.

We begin with Interlocking Tower, the gate keeper of Atlanta’s grand Terminus Station in Downtown Atlanta. Built in 1905 by architect P.Thorton Marye, Interlocking Tower was used to control all of the switches into Atlanta’s grandest station. glo will construct the site as a doc centered space for process, mourning, and fantastical activation, aiming to highlight Atlanta’s growing volume of endangered places.

The formal beginning of Sunday’s Requiem to Interlocking Tower is The Atlanta Constitution Building, 143 Alabama Street SW. At the Northwest corner of Alabama and Forsyth Streets in Downtown Atlanta. For a visual journey, the view from Mitchell St. Bridge at Elliot St. is sweet and nostalgic.


 Lauri Stallings: concept and choreographer | Kristina Brown, Virginia Coleman, Christina Kelly, Katherine Maxwell, phaemonae, Mandi Mpezo, Mechelle Tunstall, Cara Watkins: moving artists | Richard Carvlin: general manager | ThreadATL: project collaborator | Georgia State University Department of Anthropology: project collaborator.

dot_15px DATE

Sunday, February 12
free and public