Project Description

Public Vision, Breaking Bread, where creativity and social engagement coalesce in candid conversations about aspirations, assets and potentials, while sharing home cooked food. We harvest bountiful talents and resources, nurture small ideas and promote big progress, while honoring the sustenance of food through collaboration, locale, and collectivity.
  • cloth
    An interdisciplinary project that takes shape as an experimental performance exhibition with new music, movement, film, and related public initiatives...
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  • gestures that soon will disappear
    A suite of physical installations heightening the importance of human interaction with objects and pushing the ritual of relational actions to the for...
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  • Hippodrome
    An evening-length work in concert with art, music, physical gesture and opera, and the liberation of space to reveal representations of an interiority...
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  • 4th Body
    A hybrid form that experiments with new ways of performance inhabiting art spaces. The exhibition is composed of assemblies of ephemera, sound, video,...
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