Project Description

Farming is an important part of glo’s identity as artists living in the American south, making their work on a historic farm re-purposed as a hybrid arts center. The soil is non-judgmental. Farming is a natural path to the people supporting their neighborhood while nurturing identity through bending toiling planting seeds and getting dirty together. Farming is an interior place where young people can free themselves. Farming reminds youth and wise of why our lives are created.
  • The Traveling Show
    A series of community engaged productions made in collaboration with at-risk preservation sites and surrounding locales in the Deep South.
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  • Red Hill River (of brotherhood)
    Red Hill River (of brotherhood), a social art generator of remarkable scale and beauty along hidden paths of the Chattahoochee River.
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  • And all directions I come to you
    A roaming installation made for 90 acres of Central Park's North Woods.
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  • Unity in 3 Parts
    Working with neighbors, homes, and livelihoods, Unity in 3 Parts fosters acres of urban community into a network of creative trails...
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