Project Description

Listening trips are walking migrations in surrounding neighborhoods of an art site that offer resolution of differences and the gift of listening. Each trip is unique. Listening trips can happen anywhere in a neighborhood where minority youth are the majority. Listening trips offer a new curriculum for teams to better facilitate peacemaking with communities, and during work on a big task with strangers.
  • cloth
    An interdisciplinary project that takes shape as an experimental performance exhibition with new music, movement, film, and related public initiatives...
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  • The Traveling Show
    A series of community engaged productions made in collaboration with at-risk preservation sites and surrounding locales in the Deep South.
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  • And all directions I come to you
    A roaming installation made for 90 acres of Central Park's North Woods.
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  • Unity in 3 Parts
    Working with neighbors, homes, and livelihoods, Unity in 3 Parts fosters acres of urban community into a network of creative trails...
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  • rather than some things appearing to rise up soft to your chest and a whole lotta' mercy
    A movement and social activism project opening January 23, 2019 in the worlds busiest airport.
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