Project Description


public migration

Public migration on a theme of endurance, reflecting a species’ primitive traits for voluntary migration through historic settlements. The work’s title derives from Situationist Guy Debord’s “We are all livers.”

Livers is a commission of Flux Projects. Livers is made possible by an Artists’ Residency at The Goat Farm Arts Center. Livers:REMIX is made possible by a commission of Aqua Art Miami, as part of Art Basel Miami, with major support by Possible Futures Foundation.

this is an act of devotion. livers. bloom. fluxprojects-logo-large copyPossibleFuturesAMAQUAMap


Lauri Stallings: concept and choreography | Kristina Brown, Virginia Coleman, Sarah Hillmer, Toni Doctor Jenkins, Nicole Johnson, Mary Jane Pennington, Arian Wynn: performers | gloLAB performers | Gavin Bryers: music | glo: fashion


Opening October 4, 2011
FLUX Night
7 pm – midnight
Peter’s St. Bridge through Historic Castleberry Hill to an empty lot on Walker St.
Art Basel Miami
December 2–5, 2012
South Beach, Florida
1530 Collins Avenue Miami Beach, Florida 33139
free and public
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