Project Description


culture symphony in 2-parts

A cultural symphony that looks at how music and movement and the arts revitalize communities and provide people spiritual awakening. The evening is a poetic use of the stage as a framing mechanism for communal reflection of the people of Atlanta. Mother | Jump will be structured as scenes of encounter that aim to create new centers of social analysis and social celebration.

It’s always inspiring to glo to encourage our participants to question our ideas about living in a pluralist society. The full evening develops as a hopeful dedication to humankind and children’s optimism, celebrating the spirit, imaginative freedom, and potential of human nature.


Maestro Robert Spano | Lauri Stallings: conceptual artist and choreographer | Virginia Coleman, Noelle Davis, Christina Kelly, Mandi P. Mpezo, Cailan Orn, Rebekah Pleasant Patterson, Mary Jane Pennington, Cara Watkins, Moving Artists | Soul Food Cypher, narrator | Maggie Dinkins, Fashion Designer | Audrey Morrison, community sculpture | Kristina Brown, paper art | Adam Larsen, filmmaker | Richard Carvlin: General Manager |  gloGUILD, Installation Team.


MARCH 2, 2019
Atlanta Symphony Hall