Project Description


social art garden

A man-made grassy hillside that grows over time for continuous choreographic situations, civic actions, and contemplation, and as an artists’ SEARCH ENGINE into the body’s motion as the most humane expression of art. For its first iteration, the experience ran for 24 hours for seven days in an in-between space at Atlanta Contemporary, sustained by glo moving artists, recorded nature sounds, and community, establishing SEARCH ENGINE as a garden for collaboration, sensory journey, and autonomous dreaming. In parallel to the installation are civic actions, including Farming, Shop, and Movement Choirs.

Other components of vigorous dialogue and community happenings included King of Pops, Coleman family letter writing, KSU French Club/ Photo Novela, Sacred Sound Orchestra, Bohanon Thai Bodywork & Yoga, Yoga on the Move & Coloring Our Landscape Beautiful, Eyedrum’s Sonic Adventures acoustic improv and Writer’s Exchange, Little Feasties, Eyedrum Discussion Party, ChopArt, all night candle lighting, storytelling with Carlos Thompson, LadyFest film screening, sunrise daily bathing, daily grass trimming meditation, daily smoothie making, and sleepovers.

SEARCH ENGINE is a production of The Goat Farm Arts Center and Tanz Farm. SEARCH ENGINE is made possible by an Artists’ occupation at Atlanta Contemporary. The second iteration is made possible by an Artists’ occupation of the front yard of Octane Coffee Bar Westside.

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Lauri Stallings: concept and choreography | Richard Carvlin, The Goat Farm crew, gloGUILD: garden installation | Jazmine Brooks, Virginia Coleman, Christina Kelly, Cailan Orn, Mary Jane Pennington, Mechelle Tunstall, Moving artists



Durational project

Opening October 11, 2015
Atlanta Contemporary
Iteration #2
May 6-July 2, 2016
front porch of Octane Westside

free and public