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search for the exceptional

nomadic public work

Working with the Bankhead Community, Park Pride Atlanta, and Reverend Hill’s Boys Club, Lauri led a five-week resuscitation of Historic Maddox Pool, closed to the neighborhood for a decade, to repurpose vacant space as a temporary gathering mecca. During the process, Lauri reflects on childhood memories and the contentious role of public pools as a vessel for American sociological and historic realities, including white flight, and Atlanta’s catalytic role in the Civil Rights movement. Filmmaker Micah Stansell’s underwater film, projected on the surfaces of the empty pool, re-imagines 1960’s living quarters.

search for the exceptional is made possible with major support from Possible Futures Foundation. search for the exceptional is made possible by the Office of Parks & Recreation, Atlanta Beltline, Historic 4th Ward neighborhood association, and the Bankhead neighborhood. search is made possible through an Artists’ Residency at The Goat Farm Arts Center.

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Richard Carvlin, Andrew Tate, and gloGUILD: pool restoration | Lauri Stallings: concept and choreography | Micah and Whitney Stansell: film | performed by Virginia Coleman, Nicole Johnson, Mary Jane Pennington | performed by gloLAB artists Jennifer Cara Clarke, Omari Joseph, Tsoler Terzian | Jake Scott: lighting | Jeanne Fore: fashion


Opening May 11 – September 22,  2012
8:30 pm
Historic 4th Ward skate park
cycle II:
Historic Maddox Pool, Atlanta
Donald Lee Hollowell Parkway NW 30318

free and public

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