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Tanz Farm

performance anthology

Tanz Farm’s mission is anchored in the agency of risk-taking, to expand boundaries and support for new ideas, languages, and structures centered in live performance. Launched in 2012 by glo and The Goat Farm Arts Center, the anthology’s roster of artists includes Niv & Oren (Tel Aviv), zoe/juniper (Seattle), Malcolm Low/Formal Structure (New York), Fabien Prioville (Dusseldorf), Staibdance (Atlanta), Gustavo Ramirez Sansano/Ballet Hispanico New York, Catellier Dance Projects (Atlanta), and Sidra Bell (New York).

Primary activities include performance series and resources that provide artists with free space, advocacy, and marketing, and a range of public initiatives that stimulate greater access and social involvement between artists and community.

In 2017, Tanz presented Body in Places, Japanese artist Eiko’s first solo project, and first foray into exploring her unique and riveting theater of movement out of stillness, shape, light and sound, in non-traditional spaces. Eiko activated Atlanta’s Midtown at it’s busiest street corner, and at the height of rush hour, for two consecutive days. The artist participated in pleasure Movement SHOPS and “artist as migrant,” a FEED conversation, during her week-long residency. Eiko is a MacArthur Genuis and Guggenheim Fellow. Her work has been presented world-wide, including Brooklyn Academy of Music, the Whitney Museum, and the Walker Center.  Eiko’s Tanz Farm residency was made possible in part with support from the Japan Foundation, New York and its Performing Arts JAPAN program.

All events are free and public.

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Anthony Harper, Richard Carvlin, Lauri Stallings: co-organizers | The Goat Farm Arts Center and glo: joint production crew | glo volunteer GUILD


Performances | Shops | FEEDS

dot_15pxEiko, Body in Places

Opening March 22-26 2017
Pleasure SHOP: March 22 at 12pm
Solo Performances in Midtown:
March 24 at 5:30pm, March 25 at 2:30pm
FEED conversation: March 26

free and public.