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Tanz Farm

contemporary anthology

Ghosts of the Rubble, a performance piece by Dr. Jerry Cullum, Neil Fried, Priscilla Smith, and a dozen collaborators, that reflects on Atlanta’s history, rapid change, and ambition.

In our care for Historic Rhodes Theatre and what has been foreclosed up to now, glo presents you with a resuscitated archive, rather than out of date objects. Our modes of archiving arise from activism and action, values and movement, women and caring. To create an archive where there previously would not be one is an act of spacing. We think of space-making, born of our founder’s choreography process, as the essentially binding source of all of glo’s platform.“Lady Rhodes” is a spiritual advisor, and so are the Tanz Farm artists this winter.We’re happy to embark. And we’re looking forward to you joining in.

Ever so grateful,

We are thrilled to highlight the work of Atlanta’s own culturally significant artists Dr. Jerry Cullum, Neil Fried, and Priscilla Smith. With Ghosts of the Rubble, Cullum, Fried, and Smith lead a performance in Historic Rhodes Theatre that reflects on Atlanta’s history, rapid change, and ambitions. This new work will be revealed in four public iterations over three months, with more than a dozen collaborating artists exploiting large-scale film projections, dance, original music, puppetry and text to conjure a site-specific theatrical environment that challenges the audience’s notion of narrative storytelling. Ghosts of the Rubble is an experience that resonates with the Rhodes Theatre’s former life as a cinema even as it revisits and expands on the artists’ 2010 performance installation entitled Skies Over Atlanta.

Tanz Farm is anchored in the agency of risk-taking, expanding boundaries and support for new live art ideas, structures, and languages showcased in Atlanta. Each year, the anthology circulates a distinguished group of visiting artists to present workshops, performance installations, and conversations on subjects of their choosing.  To date, Tanz Farm has showcased seminal works of 23 artists from 11 cities throughout the world. glo and the Goat Farm Arts Center created Tanz Farm in 2012, led by production specialist Richard Carvlin, and real estate developer Anthony Harper, and curated by choreographer and social practice artist Lauri Stallings.

The anthology’s roster of artists includes Eiko Otake (New York),  Niv & Oren (Tel Aviv), zoe/juniper (Seattle), Malcolm Low/Formal Structure (New York), Fabien Prioville (Dusseldorf), staibdance (Atlanta), Gustavo Ramirez Sansano/Ballet Hispanico New York, Catellier Dance Projects (Atlanta), Sidra Bell (New York), Core Dance/ Amanda K. Miller(Atlanta), Pierre Rigal(Paris), Erik Thurmand(Atlanta, NY), and Shamel Pitts (Brooklyn).

Primary activities include performance series and resources that provide artists with free space, advocacy, and marketing, and a range of public initiatives that stimulate greater access and social involvement between artists and community.

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dot_15pxTANZ FARM

Ghosts of the Rubble
Dr. Jerry Cullum, Neil Fried, and Priscilla Smith,  artists

January 25-April 18
Historic Rhodes Theatre
62 South Rhodes Center NW, ATL 30309


Anthony Harper, Richard Carvlin, Lauri Stallings: co-organizers | The Goat Farm Arts Center and glo: joint production crew | glo volunteer GUILD