Project Description

The Traveling Show

social performance in rural places

The Traveling Show: Marion is a nomadic movement and socially engaged art project along 3 miles of Marion, Alabama, a rich tapestry of Southern history, culture, and activism, in the rural Black Belt region. The Traveling Show is a way to create an invitation through welcoming gestures that then encourages people to imagine more good could happen, while examining real and tough issues. Beginning Monday morning, March 11, for six consecutive days, glo will host ice cream socials, create Movement Choirswith hundreds of children in Marion’s last remaining public elementary school, and debut neon study #5, Manifest,on the grounds of Historic Lincoln Normal School, one of the first institutions established for the education of African Americans after the Civil War. The project’s closing event on Saturday, March 16 includes biscuits with Marion resident and award-winning chef of American Southern cuisine, Scott Peacock. All events are free and public.

glo is passionate about the legacy of the South’s civil movements and wars and how they are remembered in our bodies, how gesture and resistance are passed down over generations. The concepts of geography and cartography inspire us to explore issues of socioeconomic inequality, ancestral, and spiritual life, and what new forms of expression develop when both sides of the tracks are engaged. Who can lay claim to the south? Who gets to dance? The Traveling Show serves as a provocation, for being inside your body as a mindful cultural activity, so that we might wrestle with our contemporary moment, gauge how far we’ve come, and how much farther we have to go. For a complete schedule, write us here:

glo launched The Traveling Show in 2013 with a seed grant from the Robert Rauschenberg Foundation. To date, the project has engaged 52 rural Georgia towns and 2 art sites in 7 counties, across 20,000 miles, to offer free and public art to about 53,546 Georgians. Our Marion residency marks the first time The Traveling Show will reach out of Georgia.

The Traveling Show: Marion is made possible with support from a Southern Creative Places Grant from South Arts. The Traveling Show: Marion is made possible by the Jean Childs Family, Alabama chef Scott Peacock, and the Mayor’s Office of Marion.

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Lauri Stallings: conceptual artist and choreographer | Virginia Coleman, Christina Kelly, Mary Jane Pennington, Cailan Orn: moving artists  | Maggie Dinkins: fashion



May 23-26, Pasaquan, Buena Vista, Ga.
March 11-16, 2019: Marion, Alabama
All programming is free and public.

Spring 2018: Walker County
Opening September 23, 2013 – ongoing
Walker County, Pasaquan, Dalton, Athens, Gainesville, Rabun County, Gainesville, Monroe, Kingsland, Howard Finster’s Paradise Garden + Summerville, Tunnel Hill, Meriwether County, Griffin