Project Description

(this is an) Act of Devotion

durational performance

(this is an) Act of Devotion explores how community is formed through ritual acts. Lauri composes the work as a vigilant citizen, seeking to elaborate the interstitial space between us and them. Endurance, a reoccurring theme in Lauri’s work, functions as an underbelly, and sometimes an intersection, over the course of three-hour performance continuum.

(this is an) Act of Devotion is a commission of FLUX Projects, with support from Possible Futures. This project is made possible through an Artists’ Residency at The Goat Farm Arts Center.

fluxprojects-logo-large copyPossible Futures


Lauri Stallings: concept and choreography | Daniel Clay: original mixing and live DJing | Virginia Coleman, James Joyner, Nicole Johnson, Sean Hilton, Mary Jane Pennington, Tsoler Terzian: performers | Leah Boresaw, Omari Joseph, Caitlan McCoyd: gloLAB performers | Richard Carvlin: set design | Jake Scott: lighting | 
James Joyner: fashion


Opening October 6, 2012
8 pm – Midnight
empty lot in Historic Castleberry Hill, Atlanta
200 block of Walker Street
Atlanta 30313

Free and public

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