Project Description

Unity in 3 Parts

large-scale art project

Unity in 3 Parts: a Rosenwald School Homecoming mobilizes a team of artists, educators and local people with innovative presentation and education along 1.9 miles of Fairmont, for neighborhood transformation through the life of the rehabilitation of Historic Fairmont Rosenwald School. Among entrepreneurial bent, community driven public art and dynamic learning initiatives for a variety of children and social groups, Unity in 3 Parts signalizes the power of place to initiate dialogue between rich architectural and cultural traditions embedded in Fairmont Rosenwald School. In previous project phases, glo activated immersive art experiences, shops, and conversation in local schools, gardens, and Main St. sidewalks.

Components of the project include Bridge Path, an interactive sidewalk chalk project spanning the length of Griffin’s only downtown bridge, across the train tracks, to transcend historic divide of the American south; Alley gardens, re-purposing Fairmont’s back paths and alleys in to vibrant outdoor areas; Dream-up spaces, community pop-up space for local dance theatre, and puppetry troupes; World Children’s Exhibition, the debut art show at the restored school with local k–1st graders, Freedpeople photography exhibition, Rainbow Stations, a pilot project for affordable artists’ housing in an underserved neighborhood and SEARCH ENGINE.

A collaboration with the city of Griffin, Griffin Downtown Development Authority, Main St. Griffin and Spalding County. Unity in 3 Parts is supported by The Georgia Trust, with support by the Ingram Foundation.  Unity in 3 Parts is made possible by the generous support of Griffin Spalding Historical Society.  Unity in 3 parts is made possible by the generous support and hosting of  these Griffin residents: Drew Payne and Rick Kent, Christy and Andrew Todd, Newton Galloway, James Helms, R. Stuart and Janet Ogletree, Douglas Krepps, Jay M. Averett III, John Van Vlack, and Ms. Jewel Walker Harps.

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Lauri Stallings: concept and project director | Malika Whitley/ ChopArt, education lead |  Kristina Brown, Jennifer Cara Clark, MaryJane Pennington, Mechelle Tunstall: moving artists | Jolynn Sockwell: platform organizer | Noah Hill: site guide | Richard Carvlin: general manager



Dream-up spaces | BridgePath | World Children’s Exhibition | Listening Trips | Outdoor Silverscreen | Alley gardens | Freedpeople exhibition | Adventure Sculpture Trail | SEARCH ENGINE | Unity Market | Poetry Parlor  


May 9, 2016 through October 2017

2017 Programming:

City Hall Projection
March (City Hall)
Poetry Parlor
April 23-28 (8th St Baptist Church)
World Children’s Exhibition
May 22-28 (Rosenwald School)
Historic Fairmont Rosenwald School
241 Blanton Avenue, Griffin, Georgia 30223
Fairmont neighborhood, community garden, and Downtown Griffin

free and public


Unity in 3 Parts - Eighth Street Baptist Church

408 Palace St, Griffin, GA 30223

APRIL 23-28

Unity in 3 Parts - Griffin City Hall

100 South Hill St | Griffin, GA, 30223


Unity in 3 Parts - Historic Fairmont Rosenwald School

241 Blanton Avenue
Griffin Georgia 30223

MAY 22-28
Free and Public

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