Project Description

rather than some things appearing to rise up soft to your chest and a whole lotta’ mercy


A site-based work offered as a means of moving and surviving between multiple conditions and contexts. The title is meant to offer the visitor immediate relief from the effort to have to see and make associations, while considering what ways art can help us provide our own answers in these challenging times. Five topics throughout the project that conceptual artist and choreographer Lauri Stallings feels are important: mounds and curves as portions in topography of the female body; color, which in this country has always been associated with social and cultural background; movement as a visual practice; empathy, as a new form of currency and exchange, and meeting beautiful strangers.

The project invites people from 1 to 100 years old to respond freely and openly in a museum that is filled with oscillating rhythms. With this work, Stallings continues research in choreography as a tool box devised to bring together things that normally never meet, held together by a certain language of flesh, movement and ritual. Her materials have been chosen for their emotional power they exude. The artist is motivated by a wish to connect to things outside what we can see and understand, both the strange and the stranger, and inspire a society.

glo’s practice is really always trying to develop direct engagement with the public, even if it means working outside the confines of tradition. Parallel to the work, a series of day and nighttime happenings, movement shops, and community talks will take place. The work evolves as its own platform on multiple levels and as a continuous project altered daily for the public to be free.


Lauri Stallings: conceptual artist and choreographer | Phaemonae Brooks, Virginia Coleman, Christina Kelly, Mandi P. Mpezo, Rebekah Pleasant Patterson, Mary Jane Pennington, Mechelle Tunstall, Cara Watkins, Moving Artists | Maggie Dinkins, Fashion Designer | Vyvyan Hughes, Neon construction Richard Carvlin: General Manager |  Palette, Doc film | gloGUILD, Installation Team.

dot_15px OPENING

Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport,
Hope Cohn, curator
January 23-January 31, 2020

Hudgens Center, 2018