Mechelle Tunstall

Moving Artist

Mechelle Tunstall, dancer and choreographer, grew up in London, England. She began dancing in college at the University of Houston, in Texas, where she received her BFA.  She was a recipient of the Joanna Friesen Scholarship, received awards for both performance and choreography, and presented several works at the American College Dance Festival. In Houston, Mechelle presented solo and collaborative work, as well as the pleasure of working with Becky Valls, Jennifer Wood (SUCHU), Psophonia Dance Company, Teresa Chapman, Toni Leago Valle, Douglas Dunn, Travesty Dance Group, under Karen Stokes, and Amy Ell (Vault). In Tucson, Arizona, working as a dancer, instructor, and choreographer for ZUZI! Dance Company. Prior to Atlanta, Mechelle lived in the Bay Area where she worked with ahdanco, Paufve Dance, Rogelio Lopez, and Andrew Merrell.