Cara Watkins

moving artist

Cara was born and raised in suburban/rural north Georgia. Dance and creative movement is somewhat frowned upon up there. Cara denied her parents wishes and proceeded with dance lessons in high school With support from her mother, she worked for the studios to pay her tuition, and received free room and board and Vaganova studies in Tennessee. The universe, our great God, whatever you may believe, was telling her this was the future. Cara continued her studies back in Georgia at Kennesaw State University where she met Lauri Stallings in an interdisciplinary art course. This peeked her desire to explore movement experimentation and invention. Cara has worked with choreographers Ido Tadmor, Ivan Pulinkala and Lisa Lock, and studied in Israel in pursuit of different views in dance culture. Her own choreographies have been performed at American College Dance Festival.  Cara is a 2017 graduate of Kennesaw State University, with a BA in dance. She pursuits a career as a choreographer, dance instructor and performer, committed to pushing the boundaries of where dance can happen, for all audiences. Cara joined glo in December 2017.