A new Orfeo at Atlanta Symphony Hall.
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    Unity in 3 Parts
    Working with neighbors, homes, and livelihoods, Unity in 3 Parts fosters acres of urban community into a network of creative trails...
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  • Tanz Farm
    a contemporary anthology
    Tanz Farm’s mission is anchored in the agency of risk-taking, to expand boundaries and support for new ideas, languages, and structures centered in live performance.
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    The Traveling Show
    A series of community engaged productions made in collaboration with at-risk preservation sites and surrounding locales across Georgia.
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dot_15px 2016

  • cloth{field}
    Learn more about our 2016 performance exhibition with Atlanta Symphony Orchestra Maestro Robert Spano.
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  • Red Hill River (of brotherhood)
    Red Hill River (of brotherhood), a social art generator of remarkable scale and beauty along hidden paths of the Chattahoochee River.
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dot_15px 2015

  • And all directions I come to you
    A roaming installation made for 90 acres of Central Park's North Woods.
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    A man-made grassy hillside constructed in-between spaces for continuous choreography, community engagement and autonomous dreaming.
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  • Retrograde
    A physical installation for the arena space of Cirque Du Soleil’s LOVE Theatre for a one-night experience...
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dot_15px 2014

  • 4th Body
    A hybrid form that experiments with new ways of performance inhabiting art spaces. The exhibition is composed of assemblies of ephemera, sound, video,...
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  • gestures that soon will disappear
    A suite of physical installations heightening the importance of human interaction with objects and pushing the ritual of relational actions to the for...
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  • cloth
    An interdisciplinary project that takes shape as an experimental performance exhibition with new music, movement, film, and related public initiatives...
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dot_15px 2013

  • The Child Project
    Stallings and glo tackle the complex nature of Pulitzer Prize winning composer David Lang’s work on an introspective surface, where the senses are g...
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  • Pupil
    Inspired by the writings of Samuel R. Delany, glo shapes a multi-locational work about body language that employs remote projection of live performanc...
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  • Hippodrome
    An evening-length work in concert with art, music, physical gesture and opera, and the liberation of space to reveal representations of an interiority...
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  • Liquid Culture
    Stallings deploys universal gesture as a way into utopia — no place and good place — as a series of public interventions envisioned as subjective ...
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  • choir B
    Dancers organized in a catalog of systems that cater to people in museums and art spaces. The systems are a script for dancers to exchange with people...
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dot_15px 2012

  • search for the exceptional
    Working with the Bankhead Community, Park Pride Atlanta, and Reverend Hill's Boys Club, Lauri led a five-week resuscitation of Historic Maddox Pool, c...
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  • Off The Edge
    A seven-day showcase of performances, classes and lectures seeking to elaborate on the cultural impact of dance presentation and diverse programming i...
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  • (this is an) Act of Devotion
    Exploring how community is formed through ritual acts, Lauri composes the work as a vigilant citizen, seeking to elaborate the interstitial space bet...
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dot_15px 2011

  • Float: an urban fantasy
    Highlighting inter-human relations between natural systems and urban life, Float is an original work in the form of a whimsical, communal foot-gatheri...
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  • Livers
    Public migration on a theme of endurance, reflecting a species’ primitive traits for voluntary migration through historic settlements. The work’s ...
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  • Maa'
    A full-evening ballet to Finnish composer Kajia Saariaho’s score of the same name. Stallings choreographed conductor Robert Spano barefoot and as th...
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  • This is a World / Chapter III
    The glo platform begins its long-term residency at The Goat Farm Arts Center, activating Goodson Yard factory space.
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dot_15px 2010

  • Hinterland
    A large-scale public work by Lauri Stallings in collaboration with Big Boi of Outkast and The Dungeon Family.
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  • roem
    Lauri and glo create a second public work on the grounds of The High Museum of Art, mixing classical language and urban textures for participatory eti...
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  • Halo'
    An original full-evening site-based work for Duo Theatre, East Village’s 1940s vaudeville house, music by Part, Beethoven, Bizet, and Santiago, with...
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  • bloom
    Bloom roams and confronts consumerism in the Southeast's largest shopping mall and on retail's busiest day of the year, Valentine's Day.
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dot_15px 2009

  • pour
    Choreographer Lauri Stallings creates a stunning performance along the back streets of Castleberry. Two-dozen performers will pour through the histori...
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  • Crea'
    An original one-night only site-based chamber piece of electronic music and contemporary dance for the spiraling atrium space of the High Museum.
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  • Rapt
    Lauri Stallings begins experimenting with public choreographies. Within rapt, the grounds and exterior surfaces of the High Museum of Art are mixed w...
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